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Burrs and other nasties can get stuck in the feet and legs.



Burrs are so common around here in California that I crocheted some stockings for my dogs paws and feet so that the burrs wouldn’t get tangled into the hair and into his feet.

Burr and weeds have little hooks and projections that just are perfect for getting embedded into dog paws. 

It’s important to check your dogs feet after a walk, especially if you’ve been walking in the weeds for any of these nasty little irritants have gotten entangled in the hair between the toes of your dogs paws.

In the spring there is a nasty grass that grows along the roads and in the country.  It is virtually impossible to remove these burrs.  Instead I had to cut all the hair off my dog feet.


Cut away the hair in between the toe pads of your dogs feet and remove the burr or stick.

Take some hydrogen peroxide and clean the area.  Alcohol will sting and hurt but hydrogen peroxide will not hurt the feet.

Look for any dog feet problems such as small cuts or redness.  swollen feet should be attended to right away.

Cutting away the hair from the dog feet between the paws will also prevent more burrs from sticking to the feet next time you take your dog for a walk.

Although all dog paws are pretty much the same, some are shaped differently than others.

Many breed have very compact feet that require less energy to lift, allowing the dog to conserve energy and increase his endurance when hunting.

Hare feet are long center toes than the side toes.

Breeds that work in water have webbed feet.   All though the Poodle, who is a water dog does not have webbed feet.

My dogs have lots of hair on their feet and between their toes. I keep them trimmed back because of the problems of matting.


The dog's paws and the legs absorb all the weight of the dog and provide the strong stance needed to run, play or work.

Take your dog for a walk every day.  Just like Cesar said, you need to walk the dog as a pack leader.  Personally my male dog is the leader.  I just follow.

It’s important for his health and it’s good for you to take a break, get away into the fresh air and clear the mind.  But mind those dog feet.  They can get infected so easily.

It does your dog a world of good and you’ll bond with him.

Woof!    Dog feet care and treatment for injuries.



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feet foot injuries