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Medications for dogs with paw and feet injuries.


What are some dog feet infections? This is a continuation of Canine feet problems. Here are some reasons why your canine is licking or favoring his paws.

Owners need to be aware of the many different types of foot problems that exist.

Some foot problems are very simple, and others are broken bones in the feet.

They are categorized into 3 groups: paw pad injuries or soreness, bone and fungal infection.

Foot problems in canines are usually quite simple to diagnose and treat.

  • Injury to foot or paw that you can see
  • Walking on hot pavement - this will burn your dog’s feet
  • Cuts or bruises on the pads of the foot
  • Dew claws that have grown into the foot
  • Raw or bleeding paws from walking on rough surfaces
  • Feet contain sweat glands, these can get inflamed or form blisters
  • If you know that the injury is from a cut or scratch that has become infected you may want to treat it with a home remedy but please get the permission of your vet.
  • Get some very hot water
  • Add 1 tsp. salt to every cup water
  • Mix the two until the salt has dissolved.
  • Wait until you can put your hand in the water, you don’t want to burn your dog.
  • Soak the foot 3 times a day for 20 at a time.
  • You should see an improvement within a couple of days.
  • At night apply some Panalog or Dermavet to the sore.

First you have to rule out injuries you may have gotten on the last walk. Did you go out on a rough patch of ground or one that has weeds and burrs all over the place where you dog could step in them?


Take a good look at the foot and paw pads of your dogs foot. Clip away the hair to see right down to the skin.

Do you see anything that might indicate an injury or are his paws red and swollen? He might have a splinter in his paw or an injury to his foot.

If you see no injury and the dog does not show signs of stress or pain in the area you can soak the foot in salt water and see if that helps.

Rule out any injuries and then if you are sure his foot is clean and just red it might be a fungal infection or an flea bite.

A dog will often chew his feet until they bleed.

At this point it’s best to visit the vet because something more is going on.

I know my dogs would go into a frenzy when workers were brought into the house to do some remodeling.

It took quite a while before they would calm down and I noticed them licking their paws often.

If you have strangers in the house you may have to give more attention to your dog and have some fun with him.

Or you may want to board him away from the noise the contractors make when working.


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feet canine foot problems
The views expressed on this site are my own.  I am not a veterinarian and I urge you to take your dog to the vet first.



feet foot injuries