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If you have checked for  foreign objects such as burrs, wood, glass or anything that could get  under the paws and have not found anything it could be few other things.

Find a room with a bright light and put a towel down for your dog to lay  on.  Use a blunt nosed scissors and trim the hair between the pads.

This will help you look  for any foreign object and help clean the foot.  Be really careful when  cutting because a dogs foot is very sensitive and if you mess up he will never let you look at his feet again.  Look for any splinters or  stickers in between the feet.

If you can find  something you can remove, do so with care.  Your pet might start to  stress out.  You can tell if your pet is in pain or in stress if he  starts to pant or tremble.  If it's too deep to take out yourself take  him to the vet.  Then it's not you he's afraid of.  Who wants our pets  to be afraid of us?  Not me!

If you are able to remove the object wash the paws with a very mild soap like baby shampoo and apply a  soothing ointment.  Oatmeal is very soothing as is Aloe Vera.  Find a  product with either of these ingredients.  Aloe Vera is very powerful in treating cuts and infections.  You can find some soothing salves at the pet store.


Foreign objects in the paw

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feet foot injuries